Linux Day 2012, Hong Kong

** Venue: We booked a private room at the cafe we hosting Hacking Thursday Hong Kong, but it requires HK$100/person as minimum charge and at least 10 persons. (and probably we got 5 already) - Posted by Sammy **

(The following are posted by Mathieu)

Let's celebrate birthday of Linux!

It's obviously a bit too late now to organize a serious event with speakers and all, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate Linux's 21st birthday at all. :)

So, anybody willing to meet somewhere, have a drink, share our experiences with Linux, or discuss about anything at all?

Just post here if you're interested, and we'll organize something quickly. -- posted by Mathieu Bridon.

1991年8月25日,Linux之父Linus Torvalds在comp.os.minix新聞組發佈他開發的 Linux 作業系統。近年網上有人提倡把這天作為 Linux Day 來慶祝 Linux 生日。

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